Friday Focus – September 8, 2017

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from Cindy Johnson . . .

I would like share with you a ministry that means a lot to me: Congregational Care. I am back again as your congregational care coordinator. I am so excited and blessed to be asked to do this again. I didn’t really have to think about it before I said YES. It is a gift the Lord has given me.I love and enjoy working with you. An awesome team has stepped up to help; I will name them at the end.

What does congregational care mean? It is a ministry that involves visiting those who attend NFC or who can no longer make it to church. It includes hospital visits, sitting with family during a time of grief, praying with them, finding ways to show we care.

It means visiting newcomers with a loaf of homemade bread and a “glad you came.” We answer their questions about NFC. Our congregational care may include rides to doctor appointments, a caring note, a birthday greeting.

Prayer shawls, lovingly crocheted and knitted by ladies in our congregation, are given to those who have lost a loved one or who are going through a very tough time. When the recipients put the shawl around their shoulders or on their lap, it serves as a reminder that people are praying for them.

These are the people already involved in this ministry: Steve and Diana Gulley, Sharon Hubbell, Julie Anderson, Howard Harmon, Jo Helsabeck, Merrill Johnson, Kathy Schlittenhart, Ron Woodward, Ron Stansell, Dick Sartwell, and Sara Grant. If you feel drawn to join this ministry, please let me know.

If you have a need, or you might be in the hospital and would like a visit, or someone to pray with, please call me (503-857-3581) or the church (503-538-8381).

I look forward to being involved again with this ministry.

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