Friday Focus – October 6, 2017

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A Psalm of Praise
by Kathy Schlittenhart

The earth is full of Your glory, Yahweh; it speaks of Your existence,
and it is the visible reflection of Your radiant beauty and holiness.
All that You have made tells the epic story of Your lavish love.
You spoke, the universe was created; You gave the earth light and life.
You formed mankind out of dust, knelt down beside us, blew into our nostrils
the very breath of Your own life – and man became a living soul.
You made each one of us in Your own image and likeness,
so that we would look just like You and be holy like You.
Even when we sinned, You had a predetermined plan to redeem us.
You sent Your Beloved Son as an innocent, perfect sacrifice for our sin.
You told us to look to Him, listen to Him – and live!

You are my very own Father, my beloved Abba. I love You and trust You.
Your compassion and everlasting love are awesome;
You are worthy of worship.
Thank You for adopting me into Your heavenly family.
You are my refuge and my God; it is easy to believe in You.
I abide under the shadow of Your wings,
In the secret place next to Your heart.

Yeshua, You are the eternal Word of God, written on my heart.
You redeemed my soul from slavery to sin and saved me when I asked.
You have forgiven me so I can forgive myself – and others.
I am totally identified with You in Your death, burial and resurrection.
I am born again, a new creation, made righteous, set free, in union with You.
You have given me eternal life and resurrection power to live a supernatural life.
You are my Beloved, my Bridegroom and Friend; I am Yours and You are mine.

Precious Holy Spirit, abiding Companion, personal Counsellor,
You are my Comforter and Teacher, my very breath and life.
You dwell in me, love through me and walk with me through this life.
You make my soul a holy sanctuary and fill my darkness with Your Light.
Spirit of Christ, You change my heart and enable me to do the Father’s will.
Fill me to overflowing with Your love and power; I believe You will – today.

Blessed Trinity, we lift our eyes to meet Your loving gaze;
We raise our hands in adoration and submission to You.
We are ravished by the love we see in Your eyes.
We choose to believe it even though it seems too good to be true.
Oh eternal Lover of our souls, we adore You, we praise You, we glorify You.
All that we have, all that we are, is Yours forever.
We offer our hearts back to You who made us.
We are one with You, and wonder of wonders, You are one with us!

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