Friday Focus – October 27, 2017

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From Dick Sartwell . . .

As part of our service this Sunday we want to recognize our spiritual inheritance from those who’ve walked the path of Christian discipleship before us. You can share this blessing with others by bringing a family Bible for “Show and Tell.” Maybe your Bible has a page with entries of your family ancestors. Or perhaps you inherited a Bible used by a favorite relative whose Christian life you deeply respect. Were you given a Bible by a “spiritual mother” or “spiritual father” who helped you enter a saving relationship with Jesus and presented that Bible to you as a tangible expression of their love and care for you?
Bring that special Bible to church with you on Sunday, and we’ll have a table at the front of the sanctuary where it can be displayed. We’ll even give you a brief opportunity to tell us what is important to you about the people represented by that Bible.

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