February 5, 2012 Sunday Service

Today’s message is ‘Respectful Dissent: Silence and Waiting’ by Gregg Koskela from Psalm 46; Mark 1:35-39.

Leading us in worship today
NFC Brass: Dave Maurer, Michael Fawver, Barry Hagen, Mauri Macy, Howard Macy
worship ensemble: Carol Sherwood, Lisa Springate, Sara Grant, Wendy McIndoo, Cindy Johnson, Ginger Mackey, Terri Bowen, Davida Brown, Kathy Thorne, Chloe Ackerman, Craig McIndoo, Howard Macy, John Johnson, Mark Martin, David Sherwood, Walt Everly, Hank Helsabeck, Lew Thorne, Mauri Macy, Paul Fodge

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