May 21, 2017: ‘Not Orphans’ by Gregg Koskela from John 14:15-22

Not Orphans by Gregg Koskela from John 14:15-22.

Leading us in worship today
Bethany Lee, Nolan Staples, Brandon Buerkle, Beth Muthiah

NFC Bells—Susan Fawver, Mareesa Fawver, Liz Wood, Eryn McKee, Phil Nguyen, Carolyn Stansell, Jan Cammack, Adair Goss, Linda Sartwell, Trena Worthington, Kati McKee, Lynn Robinson

Order of Worship

  1. Prelude: NFC Bells
  2. Welcome/Greeting
  3. “We Are Singing”
  4. “Revelation Song”
  5. Worship in Giving
  6. “Mighty to Save
  7. “I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say”
  8. “Coram Deo”
  9. Open Worship
  10. Message/Teaching: Gregg Koskela “Not Orphans” John 14:15-22

Mary 14, 2017: ‘Prayers of the Heart’ by Steve Fawver from Ephesians 6:18

Prayers of the Heart by Steve Fawver from Ephesians 6:18.

Leading us in worship today
Nolan Staples

Order of Worship

  1. “Let Us Adore”
  2. “We Will Run”
  3. “We Will Offer Up Our Life”
  4. Worship in Giving
  5. “You Have Me”
  6. “There’s a Wideness”
  7. Message/Teaching: Steve Fawver “Prayers of the Heart” Ephesians 6:18

May 7, 2017: ‘Receiving God’s Refreshment’ by Shelly Everett from Jeremiah 31:25

Receiving God’s Refreshment by Shelly Everett from Jeremiah 31:25.

Leading us in worship today
Nolan Staples, Jeremy Huwe, Eliana Swan, Matt Staples

Order of Worship

  1. Prelude: Marilyn Winters
  2. Welcome/Greeting: Michelle Akins
  3. “Come to Me”
  4. “Here I Am to Worship”
  5. “10,000 Reasons”
  6. “Give Thanks to the Lord”
  7. “Water Our Lives”
  8. Message/Teaching: Shelly Everett “Receiving God’s Refreshment” Jeremiah 31:25
  9. Prayer and Reflection
  10. “Pour Over Me”

April 30, 2017: ‘Rock of Refuge’ by Gregg Koskela from Psalm 71

Rock of Refuge by Gregg Koskela from Psalm 71.

Leading us in worship today
Bethany Lee, Brandon Buerkle, Nolan Staples

Order of Worship

  1. Commissioning Prayer for Andy Comfort
  2. “Holy Spirit, Rain Down”
  3. “Holy Overshadowing”
  4. “Be Thou My Vision”
  5. Message/Teaching: Gregg Koskela “Rock of Refuge” Psalm 71
  6. Open Worship
  7. “Solid Rock”
  8. “I Will Lift My Eyes”
  9. “You’ll Come”

April 23, 2017: ‘The Mystery of Creation’ by Becky Ankeny from Job 38:4

The Mystery of Creation by Becky Ankeny from Job 38:4.

Leading us in worship today
Susan Fawver, Gary Fawver, Davida Brown, Liz Dillow

Young Friends Singers: Andrew Boros, Abigail Brown, Ada Burg, Bridget Czarnecki, Elsie Dillow, Janie Dillow, Meika Dunlop, Esther Johnson, Eleanor Lamb, Janae McDonough, Keian McDonough, Jameson McDonough, Henry Shaw, Leigh Thomas

Order of Worship

  1. Prelude: Esther Muthiah
  2. Welcome/Greeting
  3. “Morning Has Broken”
  4. “All Good Creatures”
  5. Responsive Reading: Psalm 98:7-9
  6. “This Is Our Father’s World”
  7. “All Good Gifts”
  8. “For the Beauty of the Earth”
  9. Message/Teaching: Becky Ankeny “The Mystery of Creation” Job 38:4
  10. Open Worship
  11. “Let All Things Now Living”
  12. “We Sing the Greatness of Our God”

April 16, 2017: ‘Hopes Resurrected’ by Gregg Koskela from Matthew 28

Hopes Resurrected by Gregg Koskela from Matthew 28.

Leading us in worship today
Nolan Staples, Davida Brown, Abby Brown, Paula Hampton, Erik Bay, Matt Staples, Stephanie Fisher, Howard Macy, Michael Fawver, Jesse Dillow, Liz Dillow, David Sherwood, Tyler Gerdin

NFC Bells—Carolyn Stansell, Phil Nguyen, Trena Worthington, Liz Wood, Mareesa Fawver, Susan Fawver, Lynn Robinson, Kati McKee, Stephanie Fisher, Linda Sartwell, Adair Goss, Jan Cammack

Order of Worship

  1. Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!
  2. “Christ the Lord Is Risen Today”
  3. “Crown Him with Many Crowns”
  4. “Revelation Song”
  5. Worship in Giving
  6. Message/Teaching: Gregg Koskela “Hopes Resurrected” Matthew 28
  7. “Christ Arose”
  8. “Christ Has Risen”

April 9, 2017: ‘For the Joy’ by Gregg Koskela from Hebrews 12:1-3

For the Joy by Gregg Koskela from Hebrews 12:1-3.

Leading us in worship today
Miriam Staples, Nolan Staples, Matthew Staples, John Macy, Kati McKee, Stephanie Fisher

Order of Worship

  1. Prelude: Stephanie Fisher
  2. Welcome/Greeting
  3. Prayer for Palestine
  4. “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty”
  5. “Victory Chant”
  6. “Stepping in the Light”
  7. *Worship in Giving
  8. “Jesus, What a Wonder You Are”
  9. “There is None Like You” / “No Not One”
  10. “God Keep Our Eyes Fixed”
  11. Message/Teaching: Gregg Koskela “For the Joy” Hebrews 12:1-3
  12. Open Worship: Expressions of Praise

Wanda Beebe Memorial Service

Celebrating the Life of Wanda Beebe

Sunday, April 2, 2017 • 2 p.m. • Newberg Friends Church

Wanda (Pierson) Beebe passed away on Saturday, March 18, 2017, at Friendsview Retirement Community in Newberg, Oregon. She was 83 years old, and had been married to her high school sweetheart, Ralph Beebe, for almost 64 years.

Wanda LaVonne Pierson was born October 9, 1933, in Hugoton, Kansas, to Nathan and Hazel Pierson. After living five years in Friendswood, Texas, the family moved to Vancouver, Washington, then to Star, Idaho, in 1948. She graduated from Greenleaf Friends Academy in 1950, then attended George Fox College in Newberg, Oregon, for two years.

In 1953 Wanda married Ralph Beebe. They moved to Eugene in 1957, where they were active in Eugene Friends Church, and Wanda served as homemaker for their three children. Wanda and Ralph returned to Newberg in 1974, where she worked in the George Fox business office until retirement in 1996. In 2000, the couple moved to the Friendsview Retirement Community.

Wanda suffered kidney failure in 1996 and was on dialysis for 18 months until her son, Ken, donated a kidney at Thanksgiving time in 1997. Husband Ralph reported it as being the greatest Thanksgiving of their lives, and “the giving of sincere thanks continued throughout her life.”

Wanda was a wonderful wife, mother, and grandmother. She was an avid reader who enjoyed photography and knitting, and went out of her way to come alongside and help others – perhaps most notably through the love and loyalty she displayed to her kids and grandkids. She held a strong commitment to following Jesus and gave many hours of volunteer work to Newberg Friends Church, Friendsview Retirement Community, Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends Church, and George Fox University.

Wanda is survived by her husband, Ralph; three children: Diane Beebe, Lori (and Ron) Tuning, and Ken (and LeAnn) Beebe; ten grandchildren; seven great-grandchildren; and her brother, Neil (and Pat) Pierson. She was preceded in death by her parents and her sister, Esther (and Milford) House.

In lieu of flowers, gifts may be sent to benefit missions through the Board of Global Outreach of Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends Church (200 N. Meridian St, Newberg, OR 97132).

April 2, 2017: ‘Spiritual Community’ by Steve Fawver from Galatians 6

Spiritual Community by Steve Fawver from Galatians 6.

Leading us in worship today
Nicole Williford, Nolan Staples

Order of Worship

  1. Prelude: Susan Fawver
  2. Welcome/Greeting
  3. Scripture Reading: Galatians 2:20
  4. “Here I Am to Worship”
  5. “House of God Forever”
  6. “God with Us”
  7. “Holy, Holy, Holy”
  8. “Your Will”
  9. Message/Teaching: Steve Fawver “Spiritual Community” Galatians 6
  10. Open Worship: Listening/Remembering

Reta Stuart Memorial Service

Celebrating the Life of Reta Maurine Stuart
December 18, 1930 – February 25, 2017

Saturday, April 1, 2017 • 2 p.m. • Newberg Friends Church

Reta Maurine Stuart died on February 25, 2017, in Newberg, Oregon at age 86. She was born on December 18, 1930, on a farm near Glen Elder, Kansas, to Charles Irvin and Ruth Hendricks Stuart. Ancestral Quaker and Mennonite family roots reach back to Scotch and German immigrants who arrived in Pennsylvania late in the seventeenth century.

After high school graduation in 1948, Reta attended Friends University in Wichita, Kansas, graduating with honors in 1952 with a B.A. degree in Bible. Until mid-1956 she served in Mid-America Yearly Meeting of the Friends Church in various capacities, including youth leader.

In August 1956, Reta arrived in Brussels, Belgium, for a year of French and colonial course study to prepare to be an educational missionary with Friends Africa Gospel Mission in Burundi, Africa. She was on staff until 1977, serving primarily in the preparation and production of Christian literature. During her first furlough in 1961-62 Reta studied at Syracuse University in New York where she received a master’s degree in religious journalism. During her last term, she supervised a radio recording studio.

In January 1978, after more than 21 years with Friends Africa Gospel Mission, Reta became the first administrative assistant of Evangelical Friends Mission, a new cooperative venture of the Evangelical Friends Alliance, and continued until December 1995, when she became 65. She then worked part time for five years as editor with the North America Office of Evergreen Family Friendship Service, a Christian public service corporation in Shanxi Province of northern China.

After living 23 years in Arvada, Colorado, in February 2003, Reta moved to the Friendsview Retirement Community in Newberg, Oregon. Reta’s parents and siblings—Gail, Stanley, and Shirley—all preceded her in death. She is survived by two nieces and five nephews.

Memorial gifts can be sent to Evangelical Friends Mission, PO Box 771139, Wichita, KS 67277.