Bob Crandall Memorial Service

Celebrating the Life of Robert Andrew Crandall
2 p.m. • August 28, 2013
Newberg Friends Church 

Bob_Crandall_memorialRobert Andrew Crandall of Newberg, Oregon, passed away on August 22, 2013, at the age of 84.

Robert (Bob) Crandall was born February 9, 1929, in Mt. Vernon, Missouri, the eldest child of JG and Fay (Holcomb) Crandall. Imbued with the value of education and an innate love for learning, Bob graduated from Central College in McPherson, Kansas, and completed his bachelor’s degree at Seattle Pacific College. Having received a call to preach when he was 15, Bob began life-long service in the Free Methodist Church, pastoring at the El Dorado Springs and Carthage churches in Missouri. He then attended Nazarene Seminary for three years while pastoring the Kansas City (Missouri) First Free Methodist Church.

Bob stayed at Kansas City four more years and then began work as a general representative for Free Methodist Youth (FMY) in 1960 in Winona Lake, Indiana, serving as FMY’s general director starting in 1962. In 1967, Bob became director of the newly formed Department of Christian Education (CE). During his tenure, CE developed new age-level ministries, and Bob was instrumental in forming “Volunteers In Service Abroad” (VISA), a program to involve lay people in short-term missions work. During this time, Bob also earned his Ph.D. from Notre Dame University.

Moving on in 1981, Bob pastored the Salem (Oregon) Free Methodist Church until 1991, the longest tenure of any pastor in that church’s history. From there, Bob served as Professor of Pas- toral Studies and Director of the School of Pastoral and Theologi- cal Studies at Western Evangelical Seminary (now George Fox Evangelical Seminary) in Portland, Oregon, until his retirement. In retirement, Bob continued serving the church through men- toring young pastors and offering one-on-one spiritual direction.

Throughout his life, Bob developed the deep sensitivity that comes through love and loss. With his first wife, Lois (Crown), Bob enjoyed 17 years of marriage and the births their three children: Sara, Susan and Robert, Jr. Following Lois’s sudden death from a cerebral aneurysm in 1967, Bob found love again in 1969, marrying Judith (Howard), who died in 1986 following a long battle with cancer. Bob’s last great love was Marcile (Leach), whom he married in 1988. Marcile added her three children to

Bob’s family, followed eventually by grandchildren and great- grandchildren.

Bob is survived by his wife, Marcile, and by six children and their spouses: Sara (Crandall) and Rick McPeak of Greenville, lli- nois; Susan Crandall of Napa, California; Robert and Sonia Crandall of Scottsdale, Arizona; Stan and Sandi Leach of Placentia, California; LaVonna (Leach) and Cliff Loesch of Wichita, Kansas; and LaNeal (Leach) and Dana Miller of Vancouver, Washington. He also made wonderful memories with his 11 grandchildren and their spouses, and his 10 great-grandchildren. Bob was preceded in death by his younger brother, John, and is survived by brothers Don (Lois) and David (Carol), his sister Mary Lou (Merle) Cromwell, and his sister-in-law Mary Ellen Crandall.

In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to George Fox Seminary (, Seattle Pacific University ( and/or the VISA program through Free Methodist Church World Missions (

“Children are a heritage from the Lord … blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them.” Psalm 127:3, 5

Bob enjoyed the love of a large blended family, including his wife, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren:

Marcile (Leach) Crandall
 – Sarah (Crandall) & Rick McPeak
  – Matthew & Megan McPeak
   – Caitlin & Andrew
  – Jennifer (McPeak) & Brian McMahon
   – MacKenzie, Keegan, Abigail & Allison
  – Kelsey (McPeak) & Jared Busby
   – Eleanor & Jonas
 – Susan Crandall
 – Robert, Jr. & Sonia Crandall
  – Andrea (de la Paz) & Ramon Santana Javier
 – Stanley & Sandra Leach
  – Deanna (Leach) & Geoffrey Martinez Diego
  – Kelsi (Leach) & Stephen Garcia
  – Andrea Leach
 – LaVonna (Leach) & Cliffton Loesch
  – Parker & Molly Loesch
 – LaNeal (Leach) & Dana Miller
  – Jay & Drew Miller

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