Taize Worship Service

On the first Sunday of each month (6 p.m.) we have a Taize service in our sanctuary. Taize services, or “Taize prayer” are worship gatherings that parallel the Taize services that occur around the world on the first Friday of the month. The simple order of worship allows one to focus on Christ and communing with the Holy Spirit. The time holds to a loose format including the following elements:• Centering songs: Simple chant-like songs sung in English, Latin, or Spanish. The prayerful lyrics are repeated a number of times to allow each participant time to enter into prayer.

• Scripture reading: Psalm and New Testament passages are read to create a meditative frame for the congregants to consider together.

• Light of Christ song: In many Taize communities a candle or an oil lamp is lit during this song to remind that even when the night is very dark, whether in the life of the individual or the life of humanity, Christ’slove is a fire that never goes out.

• Silence: Space is allowed to enjoy Christ’s presence in quiet
• Intercessions: Short petitions are prayed with“Kyrie Eleison” (“Lord, have mercy”) sung inbetween.

• Prayers of the community: A time to pray forthe global community. Given that Taize services occur around the globe on the first Friday eve- ning of the month, this is a time to consider our small part in the very large family of God.

• Time at the cross: During a simple song individuals are invited to come to the cross at the front and spend time in quiet reflection and prayer if they would like. Chairs and cushions are present for sitting or one can kneel on the stairs.

• Songs of praise: Simple chants reflecting the joy of being part of a loved and accepted family whose head is God.

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